5 Secrets to Save $1,000 on Baby Formula


“Breast is best!”
That’s what we hear everywhere. It’s true that breast is best. Nothing is comparable the the nourishment a child gets from breast milk. We all want the very best for our children. However, there are several situations where new mothers cannot breastfeed.
Biology or real life complications can make breastfeeding impractical for some women.
When you cannot breastfeed, the only alternative available to you is to buy formula. Before shelling out your hard-earned money on baby formula which usually costs you $1 per ounce, you should know that there there are ways tocut down on the prices of these products.

Finding a lower price doesn’t necessarily mean the baby formula is going to be of a lesser quality. These are still brands you trust most like Similac, Enfamil,
Nestle, not some wacky brand you never heard of.

1) Finding Coupons Online

The first option is to go directly to sites like Enfamil, they will have coupons right on the site that you can go and print out and then take to the store with you. The better option is to go to sites that partner with several baby product companies. They not only have tons of baby formula coupons to give away, but they also have coupons for other products like baby diapers.

2) Buy in bulk

Do you realize that buying formula by the case can cut the cost by almost 40%. Retailers like Amazon offer many incentives for bulk buying. If you are uncomfortble with buying baby products online in bulk, you can ask a nearby pharmacy to do it for you.

3) Free Samples

This is a secret treasure that very few moms and dads are aware of. Most pediatricians are given free samples by baby formula companies. These free samples are supposed to be given away to the patients. Unfortunately, most patients never know about the existence of free samples. Every week, cases and cases of the formula
samples are dispensed to the dumpster because they pass the expiration date. Ask the staff of your pediatrician’s office to set aside baby formula samples for you and you will save hundreds of dollars.

4. Loyalty Programs

Major brands have a loyalty program. If you call the customer service of wellknown companies like Similac or Enfamil and tell them about the good experience you have with their products, they will happily send you free coupons. Some of them have a loyalty program and will send you discount coupons frequently to help you save money.
You can go to sites such as Enfamil and sign up for their newsletter. This will allow them to send you information and discounts to their products. This way you don’t have to waste time searching here and there. Just sign up and wait. They send you coupons right to your email address.

5. Coupon Swap

More often than not, you stumble on coupons that you know you are not going to use. It may not be the brand that you are loyal to. However, you know that this is the brand that your friend’s sister prefers. Do not forget the good old method of coupon swapping. Ask people you know to keep an eye on certain coupons, and you will do likewise for them.