1 Weird Way to Whiten Your Teeth


Discover teeth whitening secrets that your dentists have been withholding the information from you.

There has been much progress in the teeth whitening technology in the past decade. Laser Bleaching has become the most popular process. What is Laser Bleaching anyway? This is the process of applying a concentrated peroxide gel onto your teeth while shining a special light on them. Does it work? It does at the cost of $500-1000. The downside is you have to come back for another session in six months and pay another thousand dollars.

Fortunately, there are quite a few alternative methods to whiten your teeth which are more affordable. Nowadays, it is possible to go through the teeth whitening process quietly and cheaply at home.

The first method is called brush-on teeth whitening. What you need to do is just brush on the formula and let dry on your teeth overnight. However, this method has some flaws:

1) This method relies on the assumption that the formula will completely dry on the teeth. However, if you wet the formula by licking your teeth, part of the formula will get rubbed off and you will not get the full result. Your teeth will be partially whitened, meaning the teeth will become patchy or blotchy.

2) This kind of formula usually contains glycerin which is the main cause of tooth sensitivity.

If you are looking for a natural way to whiten your teeth long term without any side effects, you should take a look at this DIY teeth whitening method. You will get several affordable options at a low cost or no cost at all.